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Janitorial Services 30 May


If you have a small business in Greensboro, NC and you need someone to take over the cleaning services I know just who you should call. There are a lot of janitorial services in Greensboro but I have used one for years and they are both very efficient and reasonable. That’s not to mention that they have been in business over 20 years as well. The company is Quality Services of Greensboro and you should at least find out what they can do for you and how much the service will be. Never hurts to find out, right? I know that in our situation they have been doing an excellent job and not too expensive either.

There are many reasons we hired a janitorial firm to clean our offices. First there aren’t any good ways to get our employees to do it and do it correctly. They weren’t hired to clean our work spaces and most generally they won’t do a good job anyway. Many people just feel that cleaning is below their dignity and don’t like doing it. Second, do you want to pay your own people to clean your business? Seriously, that is not why we hired them to start with. It is a waste of our time and money.

When doing a cleaning job people like Quality Services of Greensboro have both the training and equipment to get the job done. You would be surprised if you knew the requirements on many of today’s commercial cleaning companies. They must utilize environmentally responsible solutions in their cleaning supplies such as HEPA/ULPA vacuums and special chemical dispensing systems. (HEPA is high efficiency particulate air and ULPA is ultra-low particulate air systems that are made to trap the majority of very small particulate contaminants from the flow of air.)

When looking for a janitorial company to take care of your business you should look for how long they have been doing the work in your area. Do they have clean and tidy equipment and do they have good references in both the community and with businesses they have worked for. You can find out all this information but you will have to dig for it. Contact other firms that have used them, see what their reputation is in the business arena.

We can vouch for Quality Services of Greensboro and the service they provide. We have been extremely satisfied over the past few years and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for janitorial work. Give them a try, you will be glad you did!

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